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 Welcome to KeyedApparel.Com where you will be constantly reminded that you have received Power, Access, and Authority from God himself. Keyed Apparel's foundation is Matthew 16:19 which tells us that we have received keys to the Kingdom of God giving us the power to bind and loose in the earth and in heaven.


Keyed simply means that you are equipped with Power to bind and loose, you have Access to the Kingdom of Heaven, and you have Authority.

Keyed Apparel was created by Chandra Donielle Coleman. Chandra is a small town Christian woman, but she knows her home is of a greater kingdom. Through a revelation of Matthew 16:19, Chandra has come to realize the power she possesses as an heir of Christ and she wants others to know the same. And Keyed Apparel is just the beginning. Chandra wishes to equip God's people with the knowledge that they have Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. Keyed Apparel is based out of a small town Jackson, Georgia with big dreams of reaching the world one design at a time. 

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